Our collections of Wall Coping

ORSOL CHAPEAUX DE MUR coping with matching piers gives your wall a perfect finish. Coping adds a stylish finishing touch to your outside walls and protects them at the same time. The various models of coping, ranging from classic to contemporary, blend harmoniously with all types of gardens.


All ORSOL products are integrally-coloured for invisible seams.

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From classic to contemporary:
wall coping for every garden

The CHAPEAUX DE MUR range is available in several models, from classic to contemporary, as well as a range of sizes.
All the wall coping models match our range of piers, to add the finishing touches to your garden decor.

Collection BRIDOIRE

Chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE avec goutte d’eau
Chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE sans goutte d’eau
Chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE cintré
  • Various widths: 30 ou 24 cm
  • Length : 50 and 40 cm
  • With or  without throating
  • Rectangular and curved shape
  • Marked texture
  • Flat, slightly rounded top
  • Frost proof


Chapeau de mur RENAISSANCE avec goutte d’eau
  • Various width : 25, 30 et 35 cm
  • Length : 50 cm
  • With throat
  • Rectangular shape
  • Saddle top
  • Frost proof

Collection VALANCAY

Chapeau de mur VALANCAY avec goutte d’eau
  • Various widths: 25, 30 et 35 cm
  • Length : 50 cm
  • With throat
  • Rectangular shape
  • Slightly rounded top
  • Slight texture
  • Frost proof

Collection CISELÉ

Chapeau de mur CISELE avec goutte d’eau
  • Dimension : L. 50cm x W. 30cm
  • With throat
  • Rectangular shape
  • Smooth, slightly-rounded top
  • Chiselled sides
  • Frost proof


  • Width : 18 cm
  • Slightly conical shape
  • Coping for straight or curved walls
  • Marked relief
  • Frost proof

Technical specifications

Download the technical specifications for the CHAPEAUX DE MUR range to obtain the following information :

  • Product sizes
  • Colors
  • Installation instructions and tips
  • Quantities of accessories required (adhesive, pointing/grouting, water repellent)
  • Our reference documents