Pillar portal with rustic charm

BRIDOIRE pillars give your gateway a rustic charm.
Their solid look and rough grain emphasise their strength and character.
The BRIDOIRE collection also includes matching coping.


All ORSOL products are integrally-coloured for invisible seams.

the Aspect

Raw material

BRIDOIRE piers have a rough, rustic grain, very marked texture, and deep, staggered joints, which add to their strength and character.

  • Pillar colonne
  • Weathered, dressed limestone appearance
  • Rough grain and marked texture
  • Deep, straight, staggered joints


Rustic and elemental

The BRIDOIRE range is characterised by hollow blocks with deep, uneven right and left joints,
as well as a very marked texture, giving it a rustic look and reinforcing its robust character.
Pillars may be used to decorate roof supports.
The BRIDOIRE collection also includes matching wall coping


BRIDOIRE pillars consist of a cap and hollow blocks.
ORSOL pillars may be used to decorate roof supports.

  • Width: 35 cm
  • Standard Height : 167 cm
  • Variable height
  • Diamond-faceted cap
  • Frost proof

Standard composition for BRIDOIRE pillar :

8 boisseaux
1 chapeau de pilier

Stone wall coping

Chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE avec goutte d'eau
Chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE sans goutte d'eau
Chapeau de mur BRIDOIRE cintré

BRIDOIRE coping is available in various widths, as well as a curved version, with or without throating.
It fits perfectly on concrete-block walls covered in facing and coated walls.
Its marked texture gives your garden walls a certain rustic charm.

  • Various widths: 24, 30 cm
  • Curved version available
  • Flat, slightly rounded top
  • With or without throating

Technical specifications

Download the technical specifications for the BRIDOIRE range to obtain the following information:

  • Product sizes
  • Colors
  • Installation instructions and tips
  • Quantities of accessories required (adhesive, pointing/grouting, water repellent)
  • Our reference documents