Sand stone wall facing

CAUSSE stone facing panels, with their elongated shapes and slightly uneven grain, are reminiscent of the attractive drystone walls along country lanes.

CAUSSE stone gives walls and façades a very natural look that fits in perfectly with both traditional renovation projects
and contemporary buildings, giving a cosy atmosphere.


All ORSOL products are integrally-coloured for invisible seams.

for a minimum quantity : 100 m2

the Aspect

Natural stone

CAUSSE stones, with their characteristic elongated shapes are available in a wide variety of sizes. The fine-grained, soft-looking limestone appears to have been eroded by time and the elements.

  • Weathered limestone appearance
  • Elongated shapes
  • Soft and fine-grained


An extensive range for all the finishing touches in your house

In addition to wall facing, the MANOIR range offers a wide choice of accessories to add finishing touches to your house.
They are ideal for corners, as well as door and window frames, suitable for new and renovated houses and other buildings.

Stone wall facing

CAUSSE wall facing is a siding installation easy with its small thickness . Fitted by gluing stone by stone , it is grouted finish.

  • To install stone by stone
  • Thin: ± 2 cm
  • To joint
  • Frostproof


CAUSSE corners provide subtle highlights on outside corners of buildings.
They integrate perfectly with CAUSSE facing or coated walls. The range includes corners in 2 heights..

  • Heights : 33 ou 25 cm
  • Thickness : ± 3 cm
  • Discrete corners


Lintels in the CAUSSE collection are used for both door and window frames. They are available in various sizes.

  • Lengths : 80, 120 or 140 cm
  • Thin : ± 2,5 cm
  • To combine with a coated wall or a wall with stone facing

Stone window sills

The CAUSSE range may be used to decorate windows of various sizes, with a moulded windowsill adaptable to both renovated and new buildings.

  • Length : 60, 100, 120 or 140 cm
  • Depth : ± 35 cm

Technical specifications

Download the technical specifications for the Causse range to obtain the following information:

  • Product sizes
  • Colors
  • Installation instructions and tips
  • Quantities of accessories required (adhesive, pointing/grouting, water repellent)
  • Our reference documents