Stone facing with mixed material

MIXTO facing panels are composed of two types of stones: CAUSSE stone and BRIQUETTE.
This combination adds charming authenticity to your décor, giving it a personal touch and strong character.


All ORSOL products are integrally-coloured for invisible seams.

for a minimum quantity : 100 m2

the Aspect

Fine, weathered grain

The MIXTO collection offers a mixture of stones and Roman bricks, reminiscent of the charm of old buildings. The elongated stones and Roman bricks, with slightly uneven, weathered shapes, give your walls a fine, authentic grain.

  • The weathered appearance of limestone and Roman brick
  • Elongated shapes, uneven outlines
  • Soft and fine-grained
  • Moderately rough texture


An authentic mix to combine with other collections

To reveal all the charming authenticity of this collection, MIXTO
facing may be combined with accessories (corners, lintels, windowsills) from the CAUSSE and MANOIR ranges.

Wall facing

MEULIERE wall facing is easy to install thanks to its thin sections. Each stone is fixed in place with adhesive and finished with pointing.

  • Individual stone facing
  • Thin : ± 3 cm
  • To point
  • Frostproof

Technical specifications

Download the technical specifications for the MIXTO range to obtain the following information:

  • Product sizes
  • Colors
  • Installation instructions and tips
  • Quantities of accessories required (adhesive, pointing/grouting, water repellent)
  • Our reference documents