Suitable structures

What structures provide suitable bases for ORSOL products and what adhesive should be used?
ORSOL products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The base must be clean and dry and any surface defects corrected.

List of indoor structures suitable for facing :

  • Partition walls or wall linings (water-resistant or plain plasterboard)
  • Coated brick-tile partition walls
  • Cement-based coatings
  • Concrete
  • Plaster-based coatings and panels
  • Wooden panels (water-resistant or exterior-grade)


List of outdoor structures suitable for facing :

  • Dense-aggregate, shuttered-concrete walls
  • Coated masonry walls

Type of adhesive to use on your structure.

Quantity of installation accessories required for each ORSOL product.

Les dallages ORSOL se posent sur chape en béton ou sur sable en fonction de l’épaisseur du dallage. Reportez-vous aux fiches techniques.